Assistant Professor of Spanish & Linguistics

Department of Romance Languages
Wake Forest University

I received my PhD from the University of Arizona in Linguistics and Cognitive Science. My research interests include psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics and computational linguistics. I have published articles on treebank and corpus design, stochastic and rule-based part-of-speech tagging, diacritic restoration, and corpus representativeness evaluation through psycholinguistic measures. (CV updated: December 9, 2013)

I currently teach both upper-division undergraduate courses for the Spanish major/minor, core courses for the linguistics minor, and master’s courses in the Translation and Interpreting program.


Greene Hall, Room 545
Professional: francojc@wfu.edu
Tel. (336) 785-4868
Fax (336) 758-4432

Mailing Address

Dept of Romance Languages
Wake Forest University
323 Greene Hall
P.O.Box 7566
Winston Salem, NC 27109


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