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A special lecture by: Dr. Adam Ussishkin at WFU, Thursday March 1st @ 4pm in Greene Hall 162

Our WFU Interdisciplinary Linguistics Minor
announces a special lecture by

Dr. Adam Ussishkin
University of Arizona

Assoc. Professor of Linguistics & Cognitive Science

Psycholinguistics of under-studied languages: the case of subliminal speech priming in Maltese

Early and automatic processing of linguistic stimuli is fairly well-studied for resource-heavy languages such as English (cf. work on visual masked priming by Forster and Davis 1984, Forster et al. 2003, among many others), whereas psycholinguistic studies on languages with few resources are much rarer. In this talk, I first describe the creation of the first online language corpus of Maltese, a Semitic languages for which few electronic resources exist. Next, I discuss the application of the corpus to a psycholinguistic question and investigate the psycholinguistic reality of the consonantal root, a building block of Semitic languages. This investigation is carried out using the relatively novel subliminal speech priming technique.

Thursday March 1st @ 4pm in Greene Hall 162

On Language – Crash Blossoms –

McDonald’s Fries the Holy Grail for Potato Farmers.

An article on ‘double-take headlines’, otherwise know as garden-path sentences in linguistics. A nice set of sentences demonstrating power of syntactic parsing preferences despite the resulting odd semantic propositions.

via On Language – Crash Blossoms –


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