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Studying language in South Park

A sociophonetic study of African-American English in North Carolina.

Raleigh Public Record » Featured » Studying language in South Park.

Color naming and the shape of color space

Color naming and the shape of color space

An article again moving towards other methods of characterizing the apparent differences between languages and names for colors.

via Project MUSE – Language – Color naming and the shape of color space.

Language Log » Ludicrous, even derogatory?

This blurb from Mark Liberman takes a quick look at the varied strategies available to languages and their speakers to accommodate changing gender roles in today’s society. English, Spanish, and Italian are reviewed; Spanish and Italian that have an entrenched grammatical gender system characterized by masculine as the default are moving towards more adoption of the feminine marker in sex-appropriate cases. However, I did not know that in the Italian case, the move is seen as derogatory; masculine forms still carry the prestige. English on the other hand is moving towards more neutral forms “chairman > chairperson, not chairman/chairwoman”.

Language Log » Ludicrous, even derogatory?.


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